ICB Retreat

16/06 – 23/06 2022 (TBA)

Starts 15. February 2020
Ends 20. March 2020

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Integrated Cranial Biodynamics TWO


With Rosemary Wallace


16 – 23 June 2022


Listening – Reflecting – Stillness. Cranial Biodynamics is a gentle yet profound non-invasive hands-on practice, working with all systems of the body on a physical and psychological level. The light and tranquil touch may influence the body’s innate capacity for change and transformation.


After Integrated Cranial Biodynamics ONE, this seminar takes us into new realms of potential discovery regarding the infinite subtleties of flows, waves, rises and falls of bodily rhythms. One of the avenues of access to these occurences is through investigating hard palate & its relationship to its articulating bones.


We are inspired to introduce holistic evaluation –


Saying I don’t know, rather than giving false diagnosis

Finding the grace to follow – finding the grace to refer

Relationship with the wisdom of the body – timeless – eternal

the dynamic stillness of being


More information about ICB and Rosemary: http://www.integrated-cranial-workshop.com/index.html


For questions & bookings please contact Conni:





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